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Meliadine Case Study
(MBR commission in cold mine wastewater)

We have been approached by the Company H2O Innovation Inc. to supply bugs for the start up of a membrane bioreactor (MBR). Meliadine mine is located in Nunavut in the remote northern part of Canada.

Membranes bioreactors are very fragile during start up. If the bacterial biomass is not properly adapted, quick TMP (Trans Membrane Pressures) may arise following the plugging of the membranes pores.

When such a project is being conduced in very sensitive and remote locations, there is no room for errors. Costs can pike so fast making the company loose benefits and image.

They rely on Probiosphere ProReactor product to make sure the startup phase is safe, fast and effective for the benefits of all the stakeholders involved.

Probiosphere wastewater products
Probiosphere wastewater products

We have been able to supply the product as fast as possible so it could be shipped with the other equipment on the ready to leave boat expedition during the summer 2016. All the material had to be stored in a container on the site waiting for the next 2017 spring to be installed.


During the very hard winter months that follow the arrival of the material in Meliadine, which characterize this region, the container heater accidentally failed and the material was then submitted to 40 degrees C below zero. It was not until the end of the winter season that the heater failure had been noticed. It would have cost the company huge amount of money to buy more ProReactor product to be expedited by plane to the remote location in Meliadine.


When the head engineer called in panic, I assured him that ProReactor bacteria were very resistant microorganisms strains. We then give him the guarantee that he would be able to use the product with peace of mind.



ProReactor is a granular aerobic consortium suitable for Bioreactors such as SBR, AGSB, MBR etc. The following advantages have been observed:

  • Efficient for the elimination of foaming caused by filamentous bacteria;

  • Allows faster settlement of the biomass;

  • Produces a clearer effluent;

  • Reduces clogging and pressure in membranes operations;

  • Promotes faster and more efficient organics degradation;

  • Eases and diminishes freight cost compared to liquid aerobic sludge seeding practices;

  • Allows long-term storage for future use.

PROBIOSPHERE’s ProReactor is a granular aerobic consortium suitable for Bioreactors
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