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Probiosphere's Naturebio product for aquaculture applications


PROBIOSPHERE’s Naturabio is a unique consortium of 8 naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms blended at a specific ratio per each customer’s need. Cultures used in Naturabio formulation presents a high salt tolerance , large pH variations and stable at low and high temperature conditions making them unique for Aquaculture applications. These microbes are able to secrete 14 different essential enzymes and metabolites.



  • Degrade high organic waste generated in the ponds; 

  • Controls pathogenic proliferation of pathogenic microbes;

  • Stabilized FCR, thereby helps to increase the yields;

  • Increases digestion of feed by animal;

  • Balances pond pH;

  • Eliminates toxic gases (i.e. ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide);

  • Helps manage BOD, COD and TSS;

  • Works in fresh and salt water;

  • Is an environmentally friendly component with broad spectrum activity.

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